Monday, January 12, 2009

Condolences to the Gotschall Family

ABSOLUTELY one of the kindness, sincere, humble and Christ like families you could ever meet. Ed and his wife Susan went out of their way to make you feel welcomed included no matter what your situation in life. Two of the most down to earth people you could ever meet.

Thank you for sharing your home and your friendship with so many. Ed’s huge smile, warm hugs, and generosity of heart will be missed immensely. Our family is praying for his dear wife and wonderful children. God Bless you Ed. We know in our hearts Christ welcomed you with open arms.

Ed Gotchall a great husband, father, and truly descent human being. The Gotchall family is a true reflection of the best of humanity. If we all could be as genuine as Ed the world would be a better place.


  1. Kind, cheerful, loving.. I could go on and on. Ed was a true gentleman and friend who always smiled with his whole face. No matter what, he smiled and his blue eyes twinkled. WE love him and will miss him greatly and are praying for Susan, Britttany, Matt and Ryan. Ed is now an angel in God's presence. He has left a legacy of kindness and generosity that will continue to touch lives for a very long time.

  2. I was honored to get to know and work with Ed at New Century. We all valued his quick wit, warmth and giving nature. He challenged us intellectually and his philanthropy was contagious. His legacy of love and giving is one that Susan and his family will remember forever. I don't think anyone that knew Ed will ever watch an Ohio State game without thinking of him!

    My sincerest condolences to Susan and the family, and to our New Century family at large.

    With a heavy heart, Monika McCarthy

  3. Dad,

    I have been thinking about what I would say to you right now if I could and have been struggling to find the perfect combination of words that could express how much I loved you. I'm thankful for all of the laughs, tears, trips and of course football games that we've shared. 24 years ago God blessed me when he decided that you would get to be my dad. I don't know why I was the lucky one, but not a day has gone by that I haven't thanked him for the greatest gift he could have given me. You were my mentor, best friend, guiding light and biggest fan and have molded me into the person that I am today. Your smile was infectious and I feel lucky when people tell me I have just a little of that in me. You cared about all people from all walks of life and taught me how to be the best person I could be. To just say that I will miss you doesn't even begin to describe what losing you will be like for me in the years to come. I haven't quite figured out how to move forward yet, but am comforted in the knowledge that you with our lord, looking down on us (and probably watching a little Buckeye football). I know you will still be there to hold my hand in good times and bad and talk to me when I need you. I love you more than words can ever express and will continue to remind myself of the words you lived by every day.

    "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference."

    All my love forever and ever.

    Your daughter,

    Brittany (woobs)

  4. It was my privilege to call Ed Gotschall my friend. Ed was a good-soul. He was compassionate about life and always eager to lend a helping hand or offer a caring "ear." I had many great talks with Ed over lunch, on the phone, or just walking on the football field. I will never forget the time we spent at the Rosebowl game or "Dancing with the OC Crew". While I will miss him dearly I will continue to hold on to our friendship and remember the valuable lessons he taught to me along the way.... ~Steve M

  5. When Ed would walk into a room, everyone would smile. When Ed told a story, the twinkle in his eyes was captivating. When Ed befriended someone, he made them feel special. I was privileged to have experienced Ed's caring, friendship and trust for several years. He was one of the finest men I have known. I'm sure we will share stories again sometime. Until then, I pray for peace for all of his family.

  6. A loyal friend and business associate. The world and all of us who knew him will deeply miss Ed.
    Our deepest sympathy to the Gotschall Family,
    Carolyn and Dennis Rivelli

  7. Ed was a great man that made everyone feel special. I had the great opportunity to work with him at both Plaza and New Century. He taught me how to be a better manager, his leadership and philanthropy inspired me. The world is a better place because of him.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Susan and his children.

  8. Ed was a great man - funny, kind, generous. He always had a smile on his face, a story to share and wisdom to give. He will be remembered by all of us whose lives he touched. Our prayers go to Susan - who lost her best friend; and to Brittany, Matthew and Ryan - who lost their father much too soon. Thank you, Ed, for the making a difference in the lives of so many. The world is a better place because you were in it. You will remain in our hearts. God's blessings - Lisa Wood

  9. We are heartsick over the news of Ed's passing. It came as a great shock to all. Ed was a man of great warmth, joy and laughter. He possessed bright, happy, blue eyes that matched his smile. His soul will light up the heavens. It's a tragic loss for those who knew and loved him and for those that never will. Our thoughts and prayers are with Susan, Brittany, Matthew and Ryan during this most difficult time. Our tears are a result of the joy once felt for having Ed in our lives.
    With heartfelt sympathy,
    Glenn and Mindy Stearns

  10. Ed always had a smile on his face. He remembered my name and gave me a hand shake every time we met. This in spite of the nearly 10,000 employees and his very busy schedule. He was gracious man that will be missed dearly.

  11. I had the pleasure of working with Ed for over 11 years. I cannot really say that Ed was my "friend", but every time he saw me he sure made me feel like one.

    His smile and optomistic attitude were contagious!

    Ed left this earth a better place by all the things he did...both big and small. God has a wonderful man with him.

    I am sorry he was unable to spend more time with his beautiful wife, wonderful children, his family, and many many friends.

  12. I am so sorry for your loss.
    He is in heaven now watching over you.

  13. During the years that I spent at SMHC the few times that i spoke I found ED to be a warm kind and accepting man. I didn't get to know him very well but he always made me feel welcom.Jackie Slater

  14. Ed bravely, gently and joyfully made you want to be a better you. I will miss him greatly. Barry Wilson

  15. I am sorry to hear about Ed. He was such a good role model, as are you. My
    thoughts and prayers are with you, your children and your family.

    With deep sympathy,

  16. Dear Susan and family,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    God bless you as you mourn a loving husband, devoted Dad, and all-around nice guy.
    He will be missed.

  17. Our history covered over 23 years. Ed and I went back to the days at Pacific
    Savings in July 1985. As young guys, we shared our good and bad times with lots of
    humor. Even our respective sons, Matthew and Andrew, were born within three days of
    one another.

    Our association at short-lived Consolidated Pacific Group created the bond that
    lasted a lifetime. We worked together, laughed together, and suffered together
    during the '90s. To say we became brothers was a slight exaggeration but we
    certainly shared many intimate thoughts. Our paths met again at New Century where
    we had the best years of our lives. We both retired in 2006 and had hoped to spend
    many happy years in retirement.

    We last met on December 17, 2008 where we had our Christmas lunch at Arnie's. As I
    left, Ed asked me to set up a lunch in the New Year. Little did I know that it was
    the last time we shared a meal and a laugh together.

    Dear Ed, I miss you and I am going to miss you for a long time. Thank you for your
    wonderful friendship.

    Your friend Paul

  18. Dear Susan...I want you to know I loved Ed. You nor anybody else probably knows Ed saved my life! Your children should be very proud of their father, he did many kind things without any recognition and used his blessing appropriately. If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask. May he rest in the joy of the Lord.

  19. Dear Gotschall Family,

    Please accept our deepest condolences for your loss.....we have fond memories of Ed being on the sidelines at Eagle football games enjoying and cheering the team on.....

    You are very lucky to have had a husband, father, son, brother and friend who made such an impact in people's lives.....

    God Bless You All...

    The Spangenberg Family

  20. It is with great sadness we, the members of the Orange County Lawmen Football Team and the Orange County Cop Bowl Association, learned of Ed's passing. Our hearts and prayers go to you and the entire family.

    It seems like only yesterday Ed was there on the field with Keith Foster, me and the rest of the Lawmen talking football and watching ED(fire)WORKS. The pre game feed, the passing out of scholarships, the post game festivities and all the good talk about football, kids, and other things influencing life were precious moments shared and memories savored.

    Ed was a man I knew to have a very kind spirit, sharp mind, and a giving heart bigger than life. He was a man to look up to, take guidance from, and considered an honor to have him call you a friend. He helped our team and our organization immensely and we can never thank him enough. We also must thank you for the precious time you allowed Ed to spend with us. Time is the one gift that no amount of money or compensation can repay.

  21. My heartfelt condolences go out to you at this very sad time. God gives us memories and when I think of Ed I always think of the "Big Smile" on his face. He was such a humble man having achieved so much in the Business World. His selflessness in gving back to the community was a tribute to the man Ed was. Sports were such a huge part of Ed's life. Some of my fondest memories were when he coached "The Boys" in basketball. Ryan, Brett and Travis were theThree Muskateers out there. What a great time they had with Ed coaching them. Ed was the only coach that ever benched Travis for his unconventional half court bullet shots. After Travis was benched he did it again and made 3 long court shots. Ed looked at him with that big grin and said who I am to argue!!!!

    I pray that the Treasured Memories of Ed carry you through this very difficult time. Our faith in the Lord leaves us at peace in knowing that Ed is in heaven where everything is perfect.

    God Bless,

  22. Ed was a dear friend. I will miss his humor, wit, intelligence and generosity. We were linked by our association with
    New Century and love for the Buckeyes. All that knew him share with
    you in your loss and pain.

  23. Shocked and saddened at the word of Ed's passing, we wanted to send our
    condolences. Stay closely surrounded by those friends and family that
    love you and please know you and you're children are in our thoughts and


  24. Our love and support to you, Susan and to all the family and friends.
    It is indeed a sad day to lose this wonderful man. We know he is
    sitting by God right now watching over all of us. His spirit of love
    and kindness lives on forever.

  25. So sad and still in shock to think Ed is gone. Ed was such a fun-loving family guy. I knew him personally for many years. Our sons grew up together. Ed coached our son's basketball team when the were young. Ed was always so upbeat, positive and he always had a smile. Ed cared about everyone and would actually take the time to listen. The kids all loved him because he was like a big kid. He was the fun one.
    As the boys grew up and played high school football, Ed was there. He was often at most practices too. He was at every football game to not only cheer his son on but to cheer the whole team. He had a pat on the back or an encouraging word for all the boys. He even took over the blue & gold tail gate bus to continue the tradition. If we needed an extra volunteer or a helping hand, Ed was there.
    Ed will be missed by so many. I will always remember his smile and pride when he talked about his wife and kids. I am sure he is smiling down from heaven now.
    My prayers go out to Susan, Brittany, Matt & Ryan.
    With sincere sympathy,

  26. Dear Sue and Family, Even though I never got to know Ed, there is absolute, solid proof that he was an amazing man, becaus he was the one who won the heart of one of the sweetest, kindest, smartest girls to ever grow up in Terre Haute, Indiana! Dearest Sue, Lynn got in touch with all of us right away, and we are all so saddened by your sudden loss. You are in our prayers at this difficult time, and I want you to know that you were always loved so much, by so many!!!! You had a special sparkle in your eyes that I can stil see it even though it was 35 or so years ago. As one of your high school buddies (and devoted fans!) I hope that all the love coming your way now will keep you standing strong and will be with you forever. Love always, Pat Field

  27. Ed was an energetic and passionate man. He lived life with great purpose. He personified "work hard, play hard:, as he truly enjoyed life. Although he had many talents and interests, his greatest joy was in helping others. I'm sure the Lord greeted him with the words we all aspire to, "well done, good and faithful servant."

    We have know Ed for many years and have seen him at the peaks and valleys of life. No matter what the circumstances, Ed was always the same man. Optimistic, encouraging, energetic. He believed there was always a solution and a bright future. He was like a kid who was convinced he was getting a new bike for Christmas.

    Now Ed knows what we all wonder; what it is like to be in heaven with Jesus. I'm sure if he could he would tell everyone about it.

    May Susan and the children be blessed beyond measure. May they also be strengthened as they carry on the legacy of a great Christian man.

    With love,

    Tim & Lisa

  28. My condolences to Ed's family and friends. The passing of such a life affirming man is a hugh loss.

    I knew Ed for nearly 9 years at New Century. We passed in the hallways, rode the elevator, talked at meetings and near the coffee machine. He lifted my spirits just a little bit higher; brightened my day just a little bit more with his enthusiasm, broad smile and sparkle in his eye. He was always encouraging, supportive, interested and thankful for each person's efforts.

    I am sad Ed will no longer grace our presence, but thankful that his spirit will always live in fond memories of a better day.

  29. The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. He will fulfil the desire of them that fear him: he also will hear their cry, and will save them.
    Psalm 145:18-19

    My prayers are with your family in this time of loss. I am so sorry and I wish I could help take away your pain. God Bless and in him place your trust.

  30. When I got to spend a little time with Ed at manager meetings or the trips around the world, he always had a kind word and a smile, but what impressed me most about Ed wasn't his business acumen (which was magnificent) but that he took the time to talk with a guy he barely knew about the prowess of his son's high school football team and the differences in the teenage mindset between acoustic and electric guitars.
    I think about Ed often and what a magnificent leader he was, but I always couple that with his philanthropy and love of his family.
    Words can't express how much he'll be missed. He left an indelible mark on the people he touched.
    God bless and keep you strong.
    Tom Potter

  31. Ed Gotschall has a great last name. Each letter in his last name stands for something that describes Ed perfectly. G.O.T.S.C.H.A.L.L. stands for:
    G - Generous -- Always gave, gave, gave.
    O - Ohio State Football -- Enough said.
    T - Trauma Center -- What a legacy of giving.
    S - Susan -- The center of his life - always.
    C - Character -- Truly a Man of Character
    H - Heaven -- That's where he is now.
    A - Attitude -- Nobody had a better attitude.
    L - Laugh -- What a contagious laugh! :)
    L - Love -- He loved his family & everybody.

  32. Thank you Lord for giving us the priviledge to know Ed Gotschall. Ed is one of the most kindest, friendliest and generous people you will ever meet. Our thoughts and prayers are with Susan, Brittany, Matt and Ryan. May our Lord Jesus Christ comfort you.

  33. To all of Ed's family and friends, my sincere condolences. Like many who knew Ed for years or just even a few days, he was the definition of a class act. I had the honor of knowing Ed since 1996 when I started working at New Century and from the first day he made me feel a part of a working family although I was just working a clerical position.

    I am forever grateful to have known such a wonderful man. His legacy will live on in the many people whose lives he touched.

    Rest in peace Ed!


  34. It was my honor to know Ed. He set a high standard for personal and professional success and gave more than he took.

    I hope the many prayers console Susan, the kids and the hundreds of other family and friends that will miss him very much.

  35. My deepest sympathy to you Susan, Brittany, Matthew and Ryan. Stunned and saddened when I heard the news I was angry that Ed would be taken from you too early.

    The only thing that makes sense out of this is that Ed was so wonderful and great to be very special of a man that God must have needed him more than "we" do.

    My thoughts raced back to when my mother passed away suddenly and how Ed sought me out and comforted me with his smile, words of encouragement and his gentle wisdom. A small effort on Ed's part that was monumental to me even today.

    I can still picture Ed at a Christmas party calling out to me and my wife, remembering her name even though he hadn't seen her in a couple of years. Ed was the favorite leader of us both.

    An was an extraordinary man with extraordinary gifts who used them to make an extraordinary difference in this world for so many, many people.

    I am better off for having the privilege of knowing and working with Ed and being the recipient of his kindness, goodness and unconditional love.

    Again, my condolences to you all and thank you so much for sharing the great Ed Gotschall with us.

  36. Dear Susan, Ryan, Brittany and Matt,

    We are so sorry. Ed was a very special person who touched everyone who was lucky enough to know him. We will miss his warm heart and infectious smile. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


    Ken, Cathy, Matt and Michael

  37. May the Holy Spirit be with you now to mend your hearts and bring you peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. God bless. The Cisna's

  38. I was blessed to meet Ed and his buddy Eric when I moved to Arizona 31+ years ago. My life changed forever for knowing them.

    We married the same year, had kids around the same time and shared a couple of famiy vacations (the garbage bag hike in Yosemite!)

    We are so thankful that Ed invited us to join him and Ryan at the Fiesta Bowl. We wouldn't have been anywhere else! Thanks for the treat, for the laughs and the time shared. I can still feel our last hug.

    Ed, you, Eric and Bert need to "do lunch" with the Big Guy and get Ohio State another title! I'm sure you'll try.

    Susan, Britt, Ryan and Matt, know that your AZ family is only a phone call away. Please let us help as you move forward. Know that the joys linger long after the pain subsides.

    Love to you all.

  39. Ed was a man who paid it forward. Years from now we will still be hearing the results of his generosity, his mentoring and his love for people.

  40. My prayers are with you during this very difficult time! Ed was a kind & giving man. He was so generous, not only with his money but with his time & talents. He made an impact on my life and I will always remember him. I wish I was close by to give you a hug Susan. I will be thinking of you & your family... God Bless you all!

  41. Ed's generousity and incredible spirit will touch the lives of so many patients at Mission Hospital for years to come. We will miss his big smile and warm heart. He lived the Lord's vision by caring for others. Our sympathies and prayers go to Susan and family.

  42. Ed, I cannot tell you what a powerful impact you have made on me these last 14 years. I also know the amazing impact you have made on 100’s of others. You are a one of a kind. At one extreme, you are an incredible businessman that had a gift at building companies and at the other end you are one of the best friends a person could have.

    You and Susan are so down to earth in your dealings with others. You always treated everyone with respect and dignity that is rarely seen. Ed, I will truly miss your laugh. I loved it when you came into the office and I would hear you laughing from down the hall. As I sit here thinking about your laugh, it brings a huge smile to my face. You truly were a positive person that saw the best in everyone. You lifted up the lives of all who came in contact with you, especially me. Your mentoring will stick with me my whole life. You helped me in so many ways I cannot tell you. And in return, all you wanted was my friendship.

    I have such a great sadness in having to say goodbye to you. There is a huge hole in my heart and feeling of loss. I hope the Gotschall family realizes, and everyone for that matter, how special you were and how many lives you impacted for the better. The world was truly a better place when you were in it.

  43. Ed was the kind of man we all aspire to be like. Capable and successful, yet humble and easy going. Focused and driven, while playful and compassionate. He was a remarkably consistent and joy filled man regardless of his circumstances. For so many of us, our joy is base on our circumstances, not Ed. With regard to his generosity (yes, even before his financial success), he defined the word. Family always came first. You knew that in any conversation with him because he was most enthusiastic to talk about Susan, Brittany, Matt and Ryan before anything else.

    The world will certainly be a little less good without Ed! His passing is truly the loss of his family and friends. I am comforted to know he most certainly has a wonderful fifty-yard line spot in heaven!

    Love Kyle

  44. What a wonderful addition Ed and Susan were to our Saddleback Small Group. His knowledge and perspective during our Bible studies was always so insightful and informative. He loved looking through his Bible for the answer or to quote Scripture. Our social times together were so much more fun when he was there because of his laughter and love of life. He will be truly missed but will always hold a special place in our hearts and in our prayers. We promise to look out for Susan and her family in the years to come. Love, Dan and Leslee

  45. Ed was a man I knew casually, but someone whom always when I had a chance to interact with him brought a smile to my face. The world truly needs more people like Ed, particularly during these trying times.

    Always positive, always carrying a smile, and one whom I would would truly want to model myself after in many ways.

    God bless you Ed and your family. To me, the chance to leave a lasting positive legacy on this earth after you pass is something that you have done resoundingly.

  46. The Collins family wishes to express our deepest sympathies on your heart breaking loss.

    We will always remember Ed as a kind and generous man who was the most gracious host and enthusiastic fan of the Santa Margarita Eagles.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Steve, Carrie, Cheryl, and Bobby Collins

  47. He was an incredibly loving and thoughtful guy. I am deeply, deeply sorry! Let the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your heart's and minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:7).
    With you in prayer

  48. Ed, thank you for all of the amazing things that you gave to your family, your friends and so many people that you did not know personally but had the compassion in your heart to help. You were my mentor, an inspiration and such a great friend. I know that the sun is shining brighter in heaven now that you are there. You left this world a better place than you found it and even though I miss you,and am sad, I celebrate and honor your life, and cherish the moments we shared.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Susan, Brittany, Matt and Ryan.

    A light that burns twice as bright lasts half as long.

    Rest in peace my friend, and God bless you.


  49. Dear Gotschall Family,

    The passing of Ed is truly a shock in my heart. At the same time, I rejoice for the wonderful life he did live, and he did LIVE! His great smile and positive attitude towards everyone was always present. I had the priviledge of knowing him at New Century. Did not have a lot of interaction with him, but when I did, I always left his presence with a smile on my face. He made me feel and others as though they were appreciated, not just tolerated. Although he is not present on the earth, because of his love for God, I know I will get to see him again.

    God bless and comfort you during this time. Ed will be missed by all.

  50. It was indeed one of God's gifts to make Ed a part of my life. I've known Ed almost my entire life. He was always fun, active (an understatement) and a great friend. I'll miss his sparkling eyes and wonderful laugh. Skip

  51. Ed was a very nice, caring and thoughtful person. After my return to San Diego from the midwest , Ed took the time to contact me and share his advice and thoughts on the next steps in my career This is an example of his dedication to those he could help. At our G-7 meetings his relationship to his family was at the forefront in his thoughts and he would share often his stories about all of them. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and I pray for Ed as he enters his next life.

    I am fortunate to have known a fine man and a true example of a life dedicated to making a difference in everyone he touched.

    God bless you ED and family

  52. Ed was a great man. I had the privilege of working with the executive management of New Century on the 11th floor. I am grateful for Ed's business acumen and for working hard and making sacrifices to build New Century. I can truly say that because of my experiences at New Century that I am successful at providing for my wife and four kids. I send my best wishes to his family and friends.

  53. Susan, Brittany, Ryan and Matt:

    All of the Quinns want to express our sadness at Ed's passing. He is someone we will always remember with his smiling face, his positive outlook and his generosity. He is a good man who led a good life and leaves a lasting and positive legacy of charity and generosity that will likely last beyond our lifetimes.

  54. I worked at New Century for several years, and while I didn't have the opportunity to interact with him on many ocassions, I want to say that the years leading up to the unfortunate end of New Century, were some of the best spent with friends and co workers that gave 100% because of the corporate culture that was created by Ed and the other partners. I also found out through my volunteerism how much Ed and your family supported other organizations. Giving was important at New Century, and it was nice to see how many other ways our company and it's founders gave. I am sorry for your loss.

  55. What a wonderful tribute to Ed's life the memorial service was. Ryan's and Brittany's memorials were not only testaments to what a fine man he was but what a terrific father he was to his children. He left all of us dads with something to aspire to. He was a good and kind hearted man, from whom I never heard an angry word about anyone. While the time that I spent with Ed was limited and principally related to Eagle football, I enjoyed every minute of it. He is a man whose infectious smile and kind heart will not be forgotten.

  56. It is not often in life when you cross paths with such an incredible human being as Ed Gotschall, a man who gives inspiration and touches your heart with family values that are second to none, a man whos smile shows his inner souls beauty. I am a better person to have known Ed.


  57. It is not often when you cross paths with such an incredible human being as Ed Gotschall, it is amazing how many peoples lives he touched with such a positive impact. Ed's family values should be an inspiration to us all. I am a better person to have known Ed.

    Tony Valentine

  58. Dear Gotschall Family,

    This past week has been a unique experience for me and I wanted to share it with you. After hearing the news about Ed passing, the following morning my friend Lucas passed away on the Ortega highway in a motorcycle accident. Both these deaths greatly affected my sister and my best friend.
    This past Friday I went to a healing mass with my mom because I felt that it was needed but I did not understand why exactly but I do now and I felt at peace about Ed after that night.
    At both funerals on Tuesday (Lucas) and today (Ed), both of them shared several themes of how they lived their life that has affected others in great ways. Both expressed themselves in a loving way that most struggle to achieve. Both lived with little fear and lived fully with the intent to love selflessly.
    I distinctly remember one time I was at the house when I had to get home and Kirsten was busy and could not drive me home. Ed volunteered joyfully and drove me in his Mercedes. I connected with him as soon as we drove onto the street. It meant a lot to me when he drove me home and sparked an interest in who I was and gave me encouragement.
    I find joy in this week through the grieving because both Ed and Lucas have showed me through their life's that living without fear, trusting in God, and doing what is right out of love is what the essence of being human is and I discovered that through them.
    Your family is in my prayers and I am grateful for having the honor and privilege for knowing Ed for the man he was. I can only describe him in one word that is Genuine. The most genuine person I have met.

    God Bless =]

  59. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  60. Mr. Gotschall and I were never really acquainted with one another, but after playing football with Ryan at SMCHS, I observed what kind of kid Ryan is. And that is someone who is built of good character, someone who is sincerely sincere. I felt right away that he must be of good company. Upon meeting Mr. and Mrs. Gotschall at a BBQ Ryan had, I felt, almost strangely, warm and welcome in their home because of how absolutely gracious they were. I remember only talking semi briefly with Mr. Gotschall, but I do remember how much he struck me as the kind of person who is so in love with life. And that he must know to seek the Lord. He seemed like a man of honesty and true assurance. Dignified, yet so humble. Ryan, man, I have but only began to try to imagine where my mind would be at if I were you. My deepest and most sincere condolences. God bless you Ryan, Brittany, Matthew, Mrs. Gotschall and Ed who is now with the Lord, in peace.

  61. I have known Susan since we were 12 years old growing up in Terre Haute, IN. We went all through high school together and were sorority sisters at Indiana State University...yes, it was 1979 with Larry Bird.

    Susan and I were reunited several years ago at a high school reunion and have become extremely close since then. It was just in the last few years that I was fortunate enough to get to know Ed.

    Actually, it was in the last 48 hours that I've really gotten to know Ed. I was so touched with meeting all of his friends, business associates, & family after attending the beautiful services.

    Susan, you are so fortunate to have so many wonderful, caring, giving friends and I'm honored to have met almost all of them.

    Please know that you are in my prayers every day and I love you.

    Lynn Matthews Padilla
    Scottsdale, Arizona

  62. The world, without a doubt, is a better place because of Ed. He helped create the best place I ever worked and I know many others who have this same opinion. I loved going to work just about every day of my 10 1/2 years at New Century. Ed was so approachable and kind, he always put a smile on my face when I saw him and made my day just a little brighter.

    Susan, you and your children were so fortunate to have this great man in your lives as your husband and father. Please accept my condolences and God bless. Tricia Lindsay

  63. So sad and shocked to learn of Ed's passing.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of sadness.
    Ed was a kind and gentle man. He will be remembered fondly.

    Susan Cridland.

  64. Dear Mrs. Gotschall,

    The last time that I saw Mr. Gotschall was at the Pikula's house for dinner over the summer. I was lucky enough to get to sit next to Mr. Gotschall. My last memory of him is him telling me about how you two met and about your courtship. His eyes sparkled when he recalled those memories and it was so apparent how much he truly loved you. The love that he felt for you is not something that ends with his passing. It is something that is immortal. Many people do not experience this type of love in their life times, and you and Mr. Gotschall are so blessed to have found this type of love with each other. It truly is an example of the type of love I hope to have someday. My thoughts and heart are with you and the family.

    Kristen Loy

  65. Ed was a great man who im glad to say i knew. My first day at Santa Margarita i met my first new friend in high school, Ryan Gotschall. The first day i met Ryan i knew hed be one of my best friends. This led me to my oppurtunity to meet Ed. I've heard the countless cases of Ed's generosity and kindness and i can say they don't surprise me. As a football player i saw the commitment Ed had to the sport he loved. I got the invitation to accompany the Gotschalls to a Usc football game, which was a memorable experience. Ed was the kind of guy that you knew if you went somewhere with him you would have a good time. He truly did live life to the fullest. The night of Ed's passing i was at the gotschalls house to watch the national championship game. Everything was so normal; Ed was sitting on the couch discussing the game with us, discussing the SM team and another disappointment from Ohio state. The news of his passing the next morning was a terrible shock. I will miss Ed's warm hospitality and his giving nature and overall presence. Im Truly thankful i got to know him on a deeper level

  66. Susan and Family,

    Please accept my sincere condolences and deepest sympathy. May God comfort you and encourage you through this most difficult time.

    I knew Ed from the founding of New Century in 1995 and had the honor and privilege of serving on the Board with him for five years. His character and integrity were above reproach and his business acumen second to none. Ed was a wonderful man and was a true role model in the business world. He will be missed by all.

    John Bentley

  67. Mr. Gotschall/Ed was an extraordinary man. One of the most jovial and warm human beings that I have ever met, he brought light to every situation. That light will be deeply missed.

    Susan, Brittany, Matt, and Ryan...I am continually praying for you all. I know the days are hard and different, but know that Ed left everyone with a smile and wonderful memories. I am so blessed to have had the chance to met and befriend your family. May God continue to watch over you and guide you in the direction of comfort.

    *Brittany McD*

  68. Ed,

    You were the foundation of a family that exudes and defines generosity and kindness. Every time I saw you, especially with your family, you had the biggest and most noticeable smile I had ever seen. You fathered 3 smart, capable children that will most certainly carry out your aspirations and lust for life. I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for the community as well as for all the people you touched. You were a great man, and although you are not physically with us anymore your light will be held with us all through all of eternity. Everytime I play Dark Side of The Moon, I think you of and my father, who loved that album more than life itself. It is funny how music can bring us all together, no matter if we are on this plain of existence or not. I know you are up there with all the greats, watching the Ohio State replays and talking music; captivating your audience with that exuberant, bright smile of yours. Thank you for all you have done, as I have said; and gracing me with your presence. Thank you for bringing my best friend Ryan into this world; he is so much like you it is uncanny. I wait anxiously for the days where Ryan will be able to exhibit all of the qualities you passed onto him; I am already seeing them come out. He, Ryan, is one of the greatest, most intelligent, people I know. Your legacy will never be tarnished, only brightened. I miss you Ed.

    Your friend,

    Sam Berenbeim

  69. We feel fortunate to have met Ed and know first-hand what a kind, compassionate human being he was. Our deepest condolences to the Gotschall family.

  70. Dear Susan, Brittany, Matt,Ryan:
    I am at a loss to know what to say. It is hard to find the words...hard to express what my heart feels.
    Ed was like a brother to me, Susan. He was my friend and my confidant. He was my Buckeye partner. We cheered our team on together; we yelled at the TV and laughed together. We spoke our truths to each other, Ed and I, we told each other our stories.
    I valued Ed's friendship as I have valued few others in my life. He was a man of great kindness and compassion, and I honored him for his gooodness.
    I can't believe that he is gone. His passing still seems unreal to me- and I walk around each day with a great emptiness in my heart. I can only imagine the sorrow and loss you must be feeling.
    If there is anything-anything at all- that Giana and I can do to be of any comfort to you, we would consider it a blessing to be able to help.
    With our deepest sympathy and love,
    Jim and Giana

  71. To: Gotschall Family
    My sincere condolences:
    A friend of the Franklin Family

  72. My sincere condolences to the Gotschall family. May the light of God help you through this dark time.